Don’t Wait for the Green Light!
Don’t Wait for the Green Light!

Don’t Wait for the Green Light!

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by Andy Kahle

(Suitable for ages 15+)

I’m not superstitious but …

They say bad luck comes in 3s, and I’m thinking it might just be true. How do I know? Just when hubby and I stopped playing with other peoples drag racing cars, and got our own, the universe chose to throw us a couple of curve balls. First I blew up the new drag car, then my hubby, Mick slipped and impaled himself in the shower, and to top it off I am diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer …


When you come out of a storm, you will never be the same person who walked in. That is the nature of storms…….

Andy pulls no punches as she relates in concise and readable language, generously sprinkled with her unique wry humour, the emotional and often unpredictable roller coaster ride she suddenly finds herself strapped into, as life as she knows it spins totally out of her grasp.

Here is a very practical and amazingly independent woman who is happiest seated behind the wheel of a fast car, foot hard on the accelerator and feeling in total control of herself and of her surroundings………..

Andy, you are my inspiration. My love always.
Auntie Margie



Paperback, 190 pages
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$5 from each book is donated to Breast Cancer WA